Dubai travel, Photoshoot with Thus Holiday.

Advertisements A group of 21 travel enthusiast including children started from Bhubaneswar airport for Dubai on the evening of 22 nd April 2022.Sushree Bhakti from Thus Holidays was our travel guide.Bhakti joined us at Bhubaneswar with all travel documents including passport, visa, accomodation papers and air tickets.Our journey started with AirIndia flight to Dubai withContinue reading “Dubai travel, Photoshoot with Thus Holiday.”

Nirmalajhara temple, Khalikot

Advertisements Situated at the foothills of eastern ghat the temple was made by the King of Khlikhot Sri Balukeswar of mardaraj dynasty in the year 1676.A Lord Bishnu temple has diffrent ponds that is fed by unadultered perennialwater streams from the eastern ghat hills. A beautiful temple with excellent carvings is surrounded by greenary thatContinue reading “Nirmalajhara temple, Khalikot”

Ruddy Shelduck, the Love bird Chakwa-Chakwi.

Advertisements Ruddy Shelduck is a migratory bird to our place in India which breeds at Mangolia, Tibet region beyond Himalayas.In winter it migrates to warmer places in the planes of South Asia.While migrating it flies over Himalayas and this one is the highest flyer after Bar headed goose another migratory bird from this area toContinue reading “Ruddy Shelduck, the Love bird Chakwa-Chakwi.”

Bar Headed goose and Hindu mythology.

Advertisements Bar Headed goose,Anser Indicus.Locally named as Hans , Raj Hans…A winter migratory bird grey in colour with two prominent black bars accross its head. In Hindu mythology and Kalidas story of Nala-Damayanti… Damayanti was the beautiful princess of Bidarbha and Nala was king of Nishada.Nala was an able king but unmarried. He came accrossContinue reading “Bar Headed goose and Hindu mythology.”

Blackbuck and the Sorodo Village:A story of co-existence

Advertisements Blackbuck, also known as Indian Antelope is one of the endangered species are found in Indian subcontinent and Nepal.Once #blackbuck was found all over the subcontinent was reported to be 80000 during 1947 have depleted to 8000 in 1964.The beautiful animal has a distinct colour that differ among sexes.The male are dark black andContinue reading “Blackbuck and the Sorodo Village:A story of co-existence”

Professionalism-Not someone’s whim.

Advertisements The Professional, an International best seller by Subroto Bagchi, published by Penguin, Rakesh was reading when he came across an interesting episode. Received a call from one of his colleagues. …..and then the clash of ego which could add another chapter to the best seller. The colleague was Mt.Sanjota and was senior in RankContinue reading “Professionalism-Not someone’s whim.”

Buddhakhol: Buddha & Buddheswar:A tourist destination from Odisha Tourism

Advertisements Buddhism had influenced the civilization all along the areas covering Silk route in Central Asia.In the Odisha state of India,there are many such places where Buddhism had flourished. One such place is Buddhakhol where signs of Buddhism has still exist but inside the Shiva temple. About 70 km away from Berhampur,on the top ofContinue reading “Buddhakhol: Buddha & Buddheswar:A tourist destination from Odisha Tourism”

Deomali Hill Top near Koraput.The highest mountain peak of Odisha.

Advertisements Situated at a hight of 1672 mtr on the eastern ghats of South Odisha,Deomali hill top is a marvelous scenic beauty with wide range of flora and fauna and inhabited by tribes like Kondh,Bhumia and Malli.On the way to Sunabeda from Koraput it is around 58 kms from Koraput. I started from Raygada toContinue reading “Deomali Hill Top near Koraput.The highest mountain peak of Odisha.”

Gopalpur Beach-A tourist destination-Gopalpur on Sea.

Advertisements During my stay at Berhampur,Odisha, on holidays I travelled to nearby tourist attractions.Away from home and family, holidays are difficult for time pass.So to make the holiday a memorable one, I decided to explore the lesser known places nearby with historical importance and highlight them for a better tourist inflow.After all Odisha is “India’sContinue reading “Gopalpur Beach-A tourist destination-Gopalpur on Sea.”

Kandhara:The well and Mahima dharma of Bhimabhoi.

Advertisements On the way to Baudh from Rairakhol in Odisha state of India, a lesser known place of Kandhara.A small Mutt and the famous well there.From inside the well the famous lines of Bhimabhoi once uttered, now written on the walls of United Nations…… A Mahima sanyasi at the Mutt there narrates me the teachingsContinue reading “Kandhara:The well and Mahima dharma of Bhimabhoi.”