The Balgur dish and Childhood memories at Government school at my village.

Advertisements This morning after a long time, Dalia was on the breakfast menu. Dalia is a dish prepared from cracked paraboiled wheat. It is boiled with milk and little sugar. The aroma was something similar to the Balgur I had during my school days and it reminded me of those childhood times spent with oneContinue reading “The Balgur dish and Childhood memories at Government school at my village.”

Basudeb Foundation And Members of Odisha Union of Journalists (OUJ) at Deogarh- Extending medical aid.

Advertisements Journalist is known for its pen.Rightly said pen is mighter than sword.But oxygen concentrators, therometers and oxymeters in the hands of journalist, ready to help the needy at the remote villages, is something which is not only a great moral booster to the medicos but also an inspiration to everyone in the society toContinue reading “Basudeb Foundation And Members of Odisha Union of Journalists (OUJ) at Deogarh- Extending medical aid.”

Tapping the Youth power For Bird conservation-The Chadhei Club of Sambalpur

Advertisements Chadhei club, a group of birders envisioned the idea of conservation of bird species,under the leadership of Sri Surendramohan Pradhan.He was a school teacher and a great birder and photographer. In the early 2010,the Chadhei club was formed and members were not so active baring some.Some species were recorded and activity in conservation wereContinue reading “Tapping the Youth power For Bird conservation-The Chadhei Club of Sambalpur”

Chadhei Club – Birders of Sambalpur and the Birdman.

Advertisements Sambalpur and the adjoining area has always been a bird’s paradise. Thanks to the green environment with a plethora of flora and the huge waterbody of Hirakud reservoir. Although some industrial units have come up since the last couple of years with their complementary polluting outputs contributing to the destruction of birds’ habitats, thereContinue reading “Chadhei Club – Birders of Sambalpur and the Birdman.”

Parichaya Group-Giving a new identity to the mentally challenged.

Advertisements Sambalpur is a place of many organisations working for social cause. Just a phone call away in case of requirement of blood or for rescue of a destitude or arranging the last rites of an unclaimed deadbody. Utsarga, Limserian, Swaichha, Sambal and many more….give a call and some Dada or Kaka will reach forContinue reading “Parichaya Group-Giving a new identity to the mentally challenged.”

Covid care by Samaritans-Thanx Juhar Foundation,Mumbai

Advertisements …..after arranging oxygen cylinders through Oxygen Banks at different locations of West Odisha,now the Covid care shelter with oxygen concentrators, the Juhar Foundation of Juhar Parivar Mumbai has set an example for other such groups. It was during the first wave of Covid-19 crisis.Many of the migrants were stranded in different parts of theContinue reading “Covid care by Samaritans-Thanx Juhar Foundation,Mumbai”

74 yrs back …when Covid19 Forced me to Jungles.

Advertisements A true story that had happened 74 years back in 2020-21. A man in jungle narrates a horrifying story to the King. Sometime in the year 2095, The King came to know about a jungle from satelite images. He was surprised to see the people moving about their everyday routines inside the jungles withoutContinue reading “74 yrs back …when Covid19 Forced me to Jungles.”

Oxygen Bank and Sambal-the Savior

Advertisements SAMBAL: A group of dedicated humans in Sambalpur, Odisha, India. From cremation of unclaimed dead bodies to arranging blood for a needy patient, they are just a phone call away and the job is done. And now the Oxygen Bank. Covid pandemic is at it’s peak in this small sleepy town of western Odisha.Continue reading “Oxygen Bank and Sambal-the Savior”

If the Cow could Tweet-@mrscow.

Advertisements In India Twitter handle has proven to be the most sought-after mode to lodge a grievance and in many occasions the grievances were addressed too if tagged to CMO/PMO etc.Thanks to the recent government for encouraging the social media way of asking help.The railways happens to be the most prompt in reaching out toContinue reading “If the Cow could Tweet-@mrscow.”

More Bhagidari-Less Netagiri.

Advertisements It is always a pleasure to find a problem solved.Particularly the problems where a Government agency is at delivery end and public is at receiving end.It is often considered as a herculean task to bring the Government Babu to deliver.But , I personally see in a different angle.Government Babu is not always reluctant toContinue reading “More Bhagidari-Less Netagiri.”