Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary by Odisha tourism-In search of Small Pratincole Birds…My travel diary

Advertisements Debrigarh Wildlife sanctuary on the banks of Hirakud reservoir near Sambalpur is known for its wide range of flora and fauna.The sanctuary is home to a large species of wild animals, reptiles, butterfly and birds.Due to its proximity to the huge water body of Hirakud, the sanctuary also attract a large number of migratoryContinue reading “Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary by Odisha tourism-In search of Small Pratincole Birds…My travel diary”

United Nations and santhakabi Bhimabhoi.

Advertisements Today on this day of 25 the Feb, 2021, the 148th Mahima mela started for 3 days at Joranda, Odisha the holy place for many Mahima followers.On this day let’s remember the poet, composer, a follower of the Mahima sect, Santhakabi Bhimabhoi. Bhimabhoi was born in Jatasinga near Subalaya of Subarnapur in Odisha.Born inContinue reading “United Nations and santhakabi Bhimabhoi.”

Buddhism and Pargalpur,Odisha-

Advertisements The Vajrayan form of Buddhism religion originated in Odisha before spreading to Mangolia through Tibet, China, and Japan. There are many remnants of Buddhism throughout Odisha and Baudh in particular. Baudh is the only town in India that has its name derived from Buddha. Such a huge number of remains points out the factContinue reading “Buddhism and Pargalpur,Odisha-“

Mining, Development and Sustainable Development

Advertisements Mining is indispensable to meet the growing needs of energy and raw materials.In our part of Western Odisha, there is huge deposits of Coal, Iron ores, Lime stones, etc, and thus the huge numbers of mining activities fulfilling the needs of thermal powerplants, steel, and cement industries of the state and the country. MiningContinue reading “Mining, Development and Sustainable Development”

Rock Art paintings of Bhimamandali and signs of human civilisations -My travel diary

Advertisements 29th of December 2020,another intresting travel diary. It is felt like discovering a treasure, to all of us.After getting an information about rock arts at the dense forests of Rairakhol we trio, myself, Ashok Panda Sir and Kaushik Guru embarked upon a jouney of biking followed by tracking the jungles and climbing upto aContinue reading “Rock Art paintings of Bhimamandali and signs of human civilisations -My travel diary”

Ranipur-Jharial.The 64 Yogini temple-My travel diary.

Advertisements Western Odisha is a place of many historic sites. Worship places of different religions and cults in different times of the past were being discovered around many places of western Odisha. One such very rare site of 64 yogini temple which was first to be discovered was at Ranipur-Jharial or Sindrikela.The other being atContinue reading “Ranipur-Jharial.The 64 Yogini temple-My travel diary.”

Waterfowl census 2021-An unique experience.

Advertisements Counting the winged beauties in and around the Hirakud reservoir was an unforgettable moment of lifetime for me. Wetland International conducts a waterfowl census every year, all over the world. Odisha Forest Department under the age is of Wetland International too contributes to the census from different locations where birds are found in plenty.Continue reading “Waterfowl census 2021-An unique experience.”

Borra Caves-a tourist destination

Advertisements Borra caves-one of the beautiful tourist site in the Ananthagiri hills is around 90KMs distance from Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Borra- the name is originated from the Oriya language means Hole. Discovered in 1807 by British Geologist King William, the caves are naturally formed from limestone rock deposits. The anthropology department from Andhra University foundContinue reading “Borra Caves-a tourist destination”