Covid care by Samaritans-Thanx Juhar Foundation,Mumbai


…..after arranging oxygen cylinders through Oxygen Banks at different locations of West Odisha,now the Covid care shelter with oxygen concentrators, the Juhar Foundation of Juhar Parivar Mumbai has set an example for other such groups.

It was during the first wave of Covid-19 crisis.Many of the migrants were stranded in different parts of the country, waiting for some miracle to happen for their turn to return home.Migrants from all over the Odisha to Maharastra were running from pillar to post in Mumbai and adjoining areas seeking help for their return to different parts of Odisha.Then the Juhar Parivar ,Mumbai envisioned the idea and executed a herculene task of arranging their return.The Juhar Paribar,a socio-cultural organization consisting of people from western Odisha who are working or settled in Mumbai.Members of the group arranged buses to send the panicked migrant labourers who had lost their job or source of income and desparet to return home to Berhampur,Baleswar,Cuttack,Sambalpur,Khariar,Bolangir , Bhawanipatna and so on to all parts of Odisha.Juhar Paribar of Mumbai ensured that more than 5000 migrants from all the parts of Odisha Standard in Mumbai return to their loved ones safely.Also food for 40 days was arranged for them.The task was not easy.Initially buses were arranged and then help from railways, it was ensured that all were safely sent to their homes.After the first wave of pandemic ,some of the migrants stayed back and some returned back to their work places in Mumbai.But the help by Juhar Parivar could proved that in the time of crisis ,the cast,creed, religion and regional disparities fade away in front of the glow of humanity.The greetings of Juhar(greetings in Sambalpuri),Namaskar,Salam…..has only one meaning which is safety and well being of humans.Only one goal health for all.Here I remember a military way of greetings in paltoons of Assam rifles…..Tagde Raho (तगड़े रहे).. stay fit. Any one of the Assam Rifle meets a fellow soldier of an officer, he greets with “Tagde Raho” or Stay fit.

And then the even dangerous second wave of pandemic slowly gripped the whole of the country and Odisha though lately but completely came under the avoidable grip of the dreaded pandemic.Hospitals, clinics,creamation grounds slowly become insufficient.Patients have no option but to stay in home isolation.Supply chain of Oxygen to the critical patients fell short.Availabilty of oxygen was not an issue in Odisha,being a oxygen surplus state with many of its industrial units were diverted to produce the Medical grade oxygen and even supplying to other parts of the country.The issue was to deliver the oxygen in portable cylinders.Cylinders were not available with the growing numbers of patients and thanks to some greedy profit makers in the time of crisis and some panicked citizens hording the cylinders.

Again the Juhar Paribar Mumbai,swung into action.Pradeep Babu,Pratyush Babu,Deepak Babu,Sameer Babu and others of the Juhar Parivar envisioned the idea of support for oxygen delivery.Donors too come forward and it was decided to arrange oxygen cylinders directly from factories and send them to areas where the social groups of the locality can set up Oxygen Banks.At a number of places like Sambalpur,Khariar,Rourkela,Sundergarh etc were set up with these banks under the supervision and support of local volunteers.Free oxygen were made available at just a phone call,to the needy critical patients on home quarentine.

Oxy Bank at Sambalpur

But the pandemic was at its peak and havoc was all around. Beds to crtical patients was needed to be raised.And Juhar Foundation of Juahar Parivar did not hesitate to declare it’s pledge for support.

Beds with oxygen concentrator was planned to be set up at Trilochan Netralaya Jamadarpali center.Just at the outskirt of Sambalpur, the center was selected for setting up with 15 beds initially(to be raised to 50 later) and with oxygen concentrator for each bed under the supervision of two doctors and medical staff, would offer free Covid care facilities.Donors came forward with small and big amounts.Like the first wave when migrants were sent to all parts of Odisha,the present idea of Covid shelter can be extended to all parts where it is needed,with the support of local groups. The idea was lauded by all and Chief Minister of the state mentioned in a tweet…

The center was offered for public in the presence of volunteers and officials.It has an unique tag line which will prove to be a trend setter for rest of the Covid centers and it’s “Mita-Maharsad”.In local language ..friend or buddy or mentor who has his contact number pasted near the bed of patient.Each bed has one separate Mita-Maharsad who will call the patient and vice versa with the idea to give moral support to the patient.

The Covid shelter
The Mita-Maharsad
Oxygen concentrator

Now It’s the turn of administration to join hands with the Samaritans .It is a step to augment the efforts of government in tackling the pandemic. Any such inclusions of public will lessen the load on government machinery and also load on the crumbling health system day by day.A signature of approval from the CDMO office can help offer the facility to public.15 patints can be administered with oxygen and some life can be saved.We may loose a precious life for a single hour of delay.Its about 48 hours since the set up being inaugurated.

Participative approch from Samaritans and readynes to include the public by officials can solve many petty issues and pandemic can be faught jointly.

(I strongly believe in participative management.No a problem is big enough if red tapes and egos are set aside. My personal views .Finally the center was given approval and now functinal)

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