Parichaya Group-Giving a new identity to the mentally challenged.


Sambalpur is a place of many organisations working for social cause. Just a phone call away in case of requirement of blood or for rescue of a destitude or arranging the last rites of an unclaimed deadbody. Utsarga, Limserian, Swaichha, Sambal and many more….give a call and some Dada or Kaka will reach for your rescue. One such group is Parichaya. Located in Hirakud area, they do not have a permanent office but work over phone to reach in the time of need. Parichaya – meaning ‘identity’- the group of dedicated samaritans known specially for rescue of mentally challenged people from the road or arranging shelter for old age people left on the streets.Before writing this I came across one young friend who is associated with Parichaya, Sri Abhinash Mishra and he narrated to me a story of success.The satisfaction in him while narrating the story was even more inspiring for me, enough to write a blog on Parichaya – Bringing back the identity of a mentally challenged person.

In 2018, one Sri Debashis,was roaming around in Maneswar area of Sambalpur when members of Parichaya came to know about him. The condition of this mentally challenged person can be imagined from the photo here.

before the rescue

The team members rescued him and gave him a bath and foods before arranging to send him for Gandhi Niwas, Bhubaneswar.

Thanks to the Gandhi Niwas as well for treating him well,before sending him back home in 2019.

After recovering.

Suddenly, one fineday, Sri Abhinas got an unknown call. As usual Abhinas responded….”Hello. Dada, I am Debashis speaking from…how are you ?Can you recognise me?”. Abhinash responded…”No dear”….Abhinash had already forgotten about the incident and was expecting some one in need of blood or so, for which is the call might be . Then Debashis asked ..”do you remember the man you had rescued from Maneswar?”; “Yes….yes…yes….your name I am forgetting but I could remember you”…Abhinash responded. “How are you and where? Any help required?”. Debashish replied “I am completely ok Dada(brother) and had returned home.Presently working in a cycle repair shop, Dada.”

The conversation was going on for sometime and the feeling of satisfaction that Abhinas was experiencing during that time was …..only Abhinash can feel. It is beyond my words to narrate. The next part of conversation was even more satisfying and inspiring. Members of Parichaya had given him the identity which Debashish had lost. From a mentally challenged to a Samaritan Debashis, he had now transformed with a new Parichaya(identity) to him.

When Abhinash enquired the reason of calling, Debashis responded…”Actually Dada ,one mentally challenged person is roaming in my area and I thought you could help him…and thus I called you.”The goosebumps in Abhinash can only be be experienced and no words can narrate it.

(Parichaya can be contacted on the mobile of Sri Bipin Bihari Panda,President Parichaya.Mobile no +919438030524 or Abhinash Mishra, Secretary Mobile no 7790037300.Members of Parichaya has so far rescued approximately 250 mentally challenged and 150 old age homeless individuals before sending them to old age homes or rehabilitation centers.Some are still in old age homes or rehabs and many have returned home after treatment. )

(Note: Name of the mentally challenged individual is changed for privacy concerns. Debashis is not his original name.)

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