Professionalism-Not someone’s whim.


The Professional, an International best seller by Subroto Bagchi, published by Penguin, Rakesh was reading when he came across an interesting episode. Received a call from one of his colleagues. …..and then the clash of ego which could add another chapter to the best seller.

The colleague was Mt.Sanjota and was senior in Rank but equally positioned in a different department of a clerely defined structural verticals under a single boss to both of them.Both report to one boss and both have different roles.Rakesh has an advisory role where as Sanjota has the operational role.But Mr.Sanjota has knowingly or unknowingly a grid for power which landed him to a situation of avoidable ego clash with Rakesh.

A professional must always know the Organisational structures,its instructions which enables oneself in discharging better.Secondly encroaching to peers area of work not only creates enemity,distrust but also infringement of organisational instructions.

In a similar manner, Mr Sanjota unknowingly crossed his domain and was objected by Mr.Rakesh.The objection by Rakesh was rightful, bcaz a professional must know where to say NO.It may hurt someone’s ego and exactly what happened.Mr Sanjota lost control of himself and kept on going unprofessional.Although he realised latter but ego is something never fades away.Willingly or unwillingly he obeyed the organisational instructions.But in the entire episode,he lost credentials of self among his peers.

An organisation always have a clear goal for which it has a clear set of instructions.It is the man which interprete and implement the instructions.A profesional approch for implementation of instructions enriches the organisation.On other hand an unprofessional approach hampers the organisation,create poor Interpersonal Relationship,lack of humour in workplace.

As the situation moves on, the story may be another page on the best seller book.Till then organization should be run by professionals not on someone’s whim…..

(Disclaimer: Names of character are not real.Any similarity is coincidence.)

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