Rock Art paintings of Bhimamandali and signs of human civilisations -My travel diary


29th of December 2020,another intresting travel diary.

It is felt like discovering a treasure, to all of us.After getting an information about rock arts at the dense forests of Rairakhol we trio, myself, Ashok Panda Sir and Kaushik Guru embarked upon a jouney of biking followed by tracking the jungles and climbing upto a height of 1200 ft from msl .But after reaching there and seeing the rock paints, it was like a dream came true.

Approx.20 km from Rairakhol towards Reamal we were being received by my childhood friend Ramesh Swain at around 10 AM.Ramesh Swain is wholeheartedly devoted to the cause of preservation of this treasure .An effort of around 15 years ,roming around the deep forests in serch of rockarts Ramesh has devoted his period of youth, when his friends were settled comfortably pursuing better carriers.
As advised by Ramesh we got down from car as the road ahead was not motorable and picked up 3 bikes ,again arranged by Ramesh.After reaching to a distance into the jungle we kept the bikes near one Ashram and started tracking and climbing the mountain.
As scolars and researchers told the rock paints are around 25000 to 50000 years old.It means we are a civilisation which is one of the oldest.
Most importantly the paintings are in three different colours…black…red ..
and green…

Tracking into the forest.
Rock Art paintings in three different colors indicating different periods of art.

After visiting some caves and paintings on rocks we returned to a place where one sadhu has been staying.We were offered prasad by the Sadhu.After tracking through the jungles and mountains since morning we were feeling exhausted and hungry.The prasadam consisting of Rice, Dal, and Vegetable curry worked as an energy booster for us to be able to return tracking to the place where our bikes were parked.


The archeology and rock art specialist can better through some light on this. But what is needed most at this juncture is conservation and thorough research by Universities and experts.
It is a surprise that we are being taught of the civilization of the world around and forgotten our civilization, signs of which are available in our backyard unprotected, unexplored, and left to be destroyed by weathering and vandalism with time.

The feeling of adventurist Bear Grylls turned out to an emotional attachment to the paintings. Our ancestors one day,25000-50000 years back might have stayed here…. painting the walls with natural colors…never knowing he/she will be remembered one day..,…

Yes we remember you …..we will protect your paintings….we will showcase our civilization to the world….Thank u Ramesh for protecting the treasure so passionately….these are treasures very close to our heart and will not be left to be destroyed at any cost…

With nostalgia and resolve to protect these ancient treasures of civilization, we returned to Ghosramal.On the way fresh footmarks of elephants were warnings for us not to stay long in the jungle.It was around 7PM and we boarded back into our cars at Gosramal.

(The place is in deep forest near Gosramal, about 20 kms from Rairakhl.May encounter face to face with wild animals.Necessary permission from competent authority and a local guide is must before entering to the area)

Jharsuguda and it’s Ancient RockArts.

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    1. There is another site of importance to Rockart enthusiasts at Gulabgarh.Pls read another post. Unfortunately, the sites which can be major tourist destinations, are being left to be destroyed by weather and vandalism.

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